With over 25 years of design experience, Jacqueline Fortier understands the collaboration between architect, builder, craftsman, designer and client.

Honest use of materials, contrasting textures and refined color combinations are at the core of her design philosophy. Using a bold sense of scale and a careful mix of antiques and new pieces with strong clean lines, she creates a modern and fresh look that will stand the test of time.

“My taste, which spans centuries, continents and cultures, has led me to devote my life to the creation and enjoyment of beauty, and to share that with others,” she says. Her influences and passions include European travel, art, understanding the balance and harmony of architecture, and a love and respect of nature.

Regarded as a “clear thinking” designer, Jacqueline believes good design is an investment in living well, and should improve the quality of a person's life. Blending how her clients currently live with how they see themselves living in the future is an important consideration in her work. “A person’s home should reflect their lifestyle and personal interests,” she says. “My job is to discover these, and from that create an environment that is comfortable, livable, and not overly decorated.”

Jacqueline has lived in and worked on a number of projects from New York and Chicago to Los Angeles, and is now based in the Twin Cities. Her talents include furniture design, staging, landscaping and kitchen design, as well as being an integral partner in every phase of the remodeling and construction process. Her work has been featured in SPACES magazine, Upholstery Journal, Decorating, and Better Homes and Gardens.